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Special Occasion Photography

When you think about weddings, you think about having a photographer. There are many other occasions when you wouldn't immediately think of hiring a photographer but it's such a good idea if you do. Special birthdays and anniversaries are all times when family and friends get together to celebrate. Why not take advantage and update the family photos? Below is some of my special occasion photography.


Funeral Celebration Photographs

Yes, you read the title correctly...before I got this enquiry, I was talking about the occasions that people wanted photographing and I had joked that no one wants a photographer at a funeral. Then I got the call.

The client stressed from the start that it was a funeral celebration for his wife. He has two sons ages 3 and 10 who won't really remember her funeral and he wanted a record of everyone who helped him to celebrate his wife's life.

Golden Wedding Celebrations at The Ridley Arms

Celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversary is an ideal opportunity to get all of the family together for a photograph.

This celebration was a surprise for the couple in question. They thought they were just having a quiet lunch with one of their daughters and her family...until they were shown into a side room at The Ridley Arms in Stannington...to see their other children and grandchildren waiting for them.