Why You Should Order Printed Photographs

With the advent of digital cameras in the last 10 years or so, I have seen a shift in ordering habits. Where negatives were never sold, it's now the norm for digital files to be offered for sale to customers. I offer this to customers and include a free photo book with the wedding photography and images only package because I want the couple to have something printed straightaway. I don't know how many couples go away thinking they'll make an album themselves and then never get round to it.

I've recently thought about technology though. I've made the change to offering the images on a disc to offering them on a usb stick. Disc drives are slowly becoming obsolete and televsions almost all have a usb port in them. I never thought anything about it until the other day - technology is changing all the time and it might be that my customers can't access their images in a few years time unless they back everything up onto usb sticks or "the cloud" ( and even then, the cloud may not be around forever).

So I'm urging you to either order photographs as well as your images on file, or get round to printing something. You'll always be able to pick up an album from a shelf or glance at a photo on the wall, but you may not be able to look through your photos on a disc or a usb stick.

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