Wedding Album Design ~ Healy Barn

This is the latest sample album that I have had produced. I'm sharing it to show you a whole album design as this is something to consider when you book your wedding photographer. It's no good having the most beautiful wedding photographs and having them presented in a random way.

This particular album just has a plain purple cover with WEDDING DAY in silver.

I always include a title page with all the names of your important attendants and reception venues.

I usually use a mixture of white, black and photo pages. The photo page is a detail from your wedding which is faded. Instead of a black page you can grey, or in this album on some of the white pages I have put a grey box in the background to fill some of the space. Sometimes I pick out the bridesmaid dress colour and use that as an accent behind pictures.

Photographs are grouped into the different events of your day - as much as possible according to the images that you choose. They are set out simply so that you can see them and they tell your story. I choose to make your group photos larger so that you can see everyone well.

Once I've designed your album layout, I email the proofs to you and you either say "Yes, great" or you have the opportunity to swap sizes or colour for black and white or add more background pages. When you're happy, the album is ordered.

The best thing to do is to have a look at sample albums yourself to get an impression of the quality as well as the layout.

album design

wedding album getting ready

wedding album Ponteland

wedding album design Gosforth

wedding album Gosforth church

St Charles church Gosforth

church wedding album design

album design Tyneside

church ceremony

church gate

wedding album design Healy Barn

Northumberland wedding

wedding album design Northumberland

wedding details in album design

wedding at Healy Barn

This is the Storybook album, 60 photos in a 14x10 album over 30 pages (each photo is a double page spread).

For more information about wedding photography you can visit the weddings page or have a look at the galleries.


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