International Day of Forests 2019

Last week on 21st March, it was International Day of Forests. Celebrating all types of forest across the world, and why they are so important for us and the environment. As somebody commented on my facebook post, I'd celebrate this every day of the year!

I love trees and walking through forests and woods. It's so peaceful and calming. Now, I've walked through many a forest and to be honest, the pictures become samey. So when we visited Scotland last year, I didn't take too many pictures of our walks and cycle through the trees. I did take this shot though. We were walking along the river at the Falls of Clyde. I do love the sunshine falling on the leaves between the silhouetted trunks. I also love the way that it shimmers on the water of the stream.

Forests are so vital for us and the ecosystem and we need to plant new ones, let alone protect the existing ones we have.

Falls of Clyde

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