I Love Lenses Part Three ~ 70-200mm

The last lens in my camera bag is a whopper. At 70-200mm it's a big heavy lens but worth carrying around.

I took it on this engagement photo session so I could reduce the distance between the couple and the lighthouse. 

St Mary's lighthouse

beach portrait

A longer lens is more flattering for portraits as well.

Wedding couple

I use it to keep a further distance from the wedding couple sometimes so they can get lost in the moment of each other without feeling like I'm sticking a camera in their faces.

As with this one below it also enables me to get two different shots without having to move far so I can shoot more quickly and the couple can get back to their guests sooner.

wedding couple in love

Otterburn Castle wedding

I also find it invaluable to use to capture the speeches. I can be out of the way on the other side of the room and still get the shots I want - without being in a guests way. Again, the zoom means that I can vary the shot from wide, to get the couple's reactions and closer into the best man's expressions.

wedding speeches

Best man speech

It's also great for capturing individual relaxed portraits, again without being too obtrusive.

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