Could Robots Take Portraits?

Recently there's been talk about how easy it would be to automate certain jobs. Would we really evolve into a world where robots did everything?

The other day I set up my lights and background to take my passport photo and decided to take some self portraits to use in the business. My old selfies had been taken a few years ago, by me in my garden and needed updating. I used the cable release to take the photos while I was "smiling" into the lens. Sure, I had control of when the shutter was pressed but it felt weird smiling to nothing. It was even harder to look neutral. Quite frankly the passport photos were scary!

So at the weekend I set the lights up again and my husband pressed the shutter. It's amazing how much more relaxed I was when there was a person there. The smiley photos were even easier to do when interacting with a real person.

It got me thinking about the possibility of a robot taking over my job. I don't think I need to fear this, as part of the beauty of portrait photography is having that connection with another person, and a good photographer will easily get the best reaction from the sitter.

I won't share the passport photo with you, although it's better, it's still a passport photo. But here's one of the smiley photos :-)

Gillian Cross Photographer

P.S I don't think a robot would be good at explaining how to pose yourself or would recognise that your hair needs straightening either.  

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