Choosing the right size photograph for your wall

You've had beautiful family portraits taken and now is the time to decide which pictures you'd like and what size. Choosing the right size photograph for your wall is about the proportion of your photo to the wall. Here are some examples which will help you to visualise the size of photo which will be best for your wall.

If you have a certain spot where you're planning on hanging your portrait, you need to consider the space around the picture. In the example below, the picture on the left hand side is far too big. There's no space around it on the wall. The middle picture goes the opposite direction. It's too small and has too space around it. If you added similar sized pictures you could have a collection of smaller pictures which would fill the space better. The picture on the right hand side is a perfect size for that wall. Just enough space around it to allow it to breathe and not feel like it's cramped onto the wall.

choosing a wall portrait

Of course, imaging the size and knowing the size are two different things. I would advise getting some newspaper and making it the size of the wall portraits on offer ie 20x16. If you're thinking about having a portrait in a frame, don't forget to include the width of the frame (all around) so a 2 inch frame would mean the overall picture would be about 24x10. Once your paper is this size (you'll probably have to tape some pieces together), either get someone to hold it up against the wall where your picture will go or blue tack it...providing you don't damage your wallpaper! Step back, or sit on your sofa to see if you think the proportion is correct and adjust the size accordingly.

Another thing to consider is what size to get group photographs for display. Obviously, the more people in the photo, the smaller the faces will be. In the example below, it shows quite well, the difference between a lovely, large wall portrait, and a small framed picture. You can't really see the people in the frame until you get right up close to it.

choosing a size

If you consider these things before you go for your viewing, it will make it easier for you to decide which photos you'd like in which sizes and have a plan of where you are going to put the pictures when your order is ready.

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