Children's Fine Art Portraits

What are children's Fine Art Portraits? I've always loved the more serious expressions on portrait photos and this embraces this look. Dark backgrounds, classical poses and timeless expressions. I love the classic looks of old Hollywood movie star photos and I'm trying to emulate this in these sessions.

Clothing is best kept plain, with a vintage style. Photos are predominantly black and white, although one of these girls has gorgeous red hair so I left one in colour.

If you'd like to book a classic Fine Art Portrait session please ring me on 0191 2864014 or email

You can also see more details on the Fine Art web page here.

girl fine art portrait

boy fine art portrait

girl with scarf

teenage fine art portrait

reading a book

ballet portrait

teenage fine art portrait

boy fine art portrait

girl in colour fine art portrait

teenage girl with scarf

girl with flower

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