Booking a Portrait Session

A lot of people who book a portrait session, have never had one before, so I thought I would give you an idea of what to expect from one of my photo shoots.

The session will either take place at a location discussed by us previously - either one of the locations I usually use, or you may have a park local to you that you like spending time in. Alternatively, we could do the session in the comfort of your own home, like the family shot below.

Family portrait

Before the photo shoot, give me as much information about who you'd like in the photos and what style of photos you're after.

For a home photo session, we can use your garden or living room. I also have a small background which I use for newborn and baby sessions. You can either have a light background or a dark background, or a few shots on each.

Baby portrait

Newborn photo

Children's portrait

With the images above, the girl on the right was taken in Exhibition Park in Newcastle and the boys were taken at home. The same for the images below.

Kid's portrait

I always take a variety of shots to give you a choice but I never pressure you to buy them all. A couple of weeks after the shoot, the photos are available to view in an online gallery. If you'd like to come and see me to choose your photos then you can but it isn't compulsory. After you have paid for and ordered your photos, I will let you know when they are ready to collect.

Below are two different styles of family portrait - the top one is a natural walk through the woods, and the bottom one is slightly more traditional but still relaxed.

Natural family portrait

Family portrait

A session usually lasts up to an hour but could take less time depending on how happy everyone is. I have a lot of experience of photographing children and if it takes too long then they can get bored and want to be off doing something else. If the child really isn't happy on that day then we can re-schedule or re-shoot.

I will pose you but if you feel uncomfortable then tell me and we'll change the pose - if you feel uncomfortable, you'll look uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, I want your whole experience to be relaxed, fun and enjoyable, giving you images of your loved ones that captures a moment in time forever. Without pressure and stress.

Location portrait session

If you'd like to book your next portrait session please call 0191 2864014 or email me at to arrange a session. Start creating your memories today.

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