Acrylic ~ Yorkshire Pyramids

Recently I got into painting with acrylics again, maybe inspired by "The Great British Painting Challenge".

This painting is from a photograph that I took on a holiday a couple of years ago to Yorkshire. We visited Yorkshire Lavender which is a garden and plant nursery specialising in lavender. There is a cafe serving many tasty treats which use lavender in the recipe. I can recommend the lavender and blueberry scone which was delicious! I bought some culinary lavender and have used it in scones and cakes.

The garden is situated on a hillside overlooking the countryside and has some interestingly quirky sculptures such as these pyramids. It was a gloriously sunny day and I'm hoping that comes across in this painting!

Yorkshire landscape painting

"Yorkshire Pyramids" 12x10 framed acrylic original £60

Prints and cards also available.

I'd love to hear your comments below! Thanks, Gillian.

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